Lavish in the interior

To get a better idea how the furniture and accessories look like in the interior we have prepared some inspirations for you. We provide also advisory service for our clients regarding the choice of furniture. In addition, we are searching for the bespoke items according to clients’ criteria.

Here you are, look at our realisations:

  1. Console table from Italy, 1960s – owners wished for rather higher and narrower piece with drawer. Table aptly completed the hallway space in neutral colours and the picture on the wall got the companion.

2. Combination of old and new – beautiful demonstration how these two worlds can function together and complement each other. Modern bed and modern night tables from 1950s. Robust bed welcomed the airiness brought by night tables and their high legs.

We focus on the sale of antique furniture and accessories from abroad – mainly from Italy and France, but also from Denmark, Hungary and Poland. Each product you choose – you can find exact information about the item´s condition, the country of origin, estimated year of the production, used materials and the style. Every piece is unique and we have it in number that you can find in the information. If it is necessary we can provide upholstery of the item in a different fabric. Note that these are extra charges which are not included in the price of the item.


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